To Start


Start off your dessert experience with a small dish or a drink that will stimulate your appetite. This dessert appetizer is a teaser to set the mood for the night. Be sure to check out our Menu page which highlights all the different sweet appetizers that our restaurant partners are featuring. 

To Indulge


Dive into the most decadent of them all, your entree. As the main dish, this dessert entree is the most decadent and sophisticated dessert of the night. Our partner restaurants have carefully selected the perfect dessert flavors and layered them so each bite will take you to dessert heaven. 

To End


End your dessert experience with a palette cleansing dessert. This sweet ending will refresh your taste buds and can be paired with a cup of coffee, a dessert wine or even a cocktail. Check out our Menu page for our #tdc endings. Our chefs have created these unique menus just for your pleasure.