Is the 3-Course Meal from The Dessert Course just desserts?

Yes. Dessert Course is a dessert 3-course meal. This means that your appetizer, entree and final course are all desserts only. 

Will the restaurants serve other items apart from desserts? 

Yes. The restaurants will also have their menus available but this is not included in your dessert course ticket. 

I purchased my ticket to The Dessert Course, what's next?

We're glad you'll be attending our event. Next step is to look through the Menu page and the Featured Restaurants. Pick the restaurants you want to visit then RSVP by emailing reservations(at) You can also call the restaurant directly and make a reservation.

My 1st choice restaurant is full and isn't accepting any more reservations. What should I do?

All the featured restaurants are offering unique and delicious options. Pick a different restaurant and RSVP. Keep in mind that the restaurants fill up quickly. 

Are there vegan, sugar-free or even lactose-free options?

Yes. Check out Featured restaurant page and you'll see the ones that are catering to your special requests. We want everyone to enjoy The Dessert Course. 

I purchased my ticket and now, I can't make the event. How can I get a refund?

Thanks for supporting, The Dessert Course. There are no refunds issued for purchased tickets. We suggest gifting your ticket to a friend, loved one or coworker. 

Are drinks included in my ticket?

Soft drinks and coffee are included in your ticket. Each featured restaurant is unique in their inclusion of alcoholic drinks. Be sure to check out the menu to see what is being offered. 

I want to celebrate my anniversary or birthday at The Dessert Course. Is this allowed?

Yes. The dessert course is a celebration of all things sweet in desserts and also in your life. When you RSVP, be sure to let our team know so we can accommodate. 

I want to share my desserts with someone else. Is it one ticket per person?

Each ticket can be used for at most 2 people. The ticket purchaser must be present at the restaurant, in order for the ticket to be valid. To participate in The Dessert Course, a valid Driver's License or government issued ID must be presented. 

I have a large group of friends and family and we all want to come. Can this event accommodate?

Yes. Be sure to make a reservation so the restaurants can plan accordingly. 


Participation Rules and Regulations

Participating in The Dessert Course is only available to clients who have purchased a ticket. Sharing at The Dessert Course with more than 2 people is up to the restaurants discretion. Each ticket is for a one time use. Government issued identification will be checked against The Dessert Course ticket to ensure that the client listed is the same as the client utilizing the ticket. Clients must adhere to all Featured Restaurants rules and regulations and are expected to be on time for reservation. It is encouraged to call the restaurant directly if there are changes needed to your reservation. The Dessert Course is not responsible for cancelled reservations because of a client no-show or tardiness. Alcoholic drinks will only be served to clients who are 21 years of age and older with valid identification. The Dessert Course is not liable for any food allergies that a client experiences. Clients must read through the details of The Menu while keeping in mind their allergies when choosing a restaurant. All questions regarding the details of the event can be filtered through The Dessert Course team directly. Parties of 10 or more are encouraged to book their reservation well in advance.