There's just something about desserts that just makes us happy. Desserts bring together family, unites friends and rekindles love. At holiday dinner, the Pumpkin pie served at the end just makes the entire meal complete. At the end of a bad day, a pint of ice cream solves all woes. When we're in love, chocolates and flowers are everything. Our significant others know that chocolates are the non-verbal for "I'm sorry" or "I love you".

Valentine's Day is never complete without some sweet treats.Desserts trigger happiness. This is how #tdc was created.  

What's unique about The Dessert Course is instead of a  3-course meal full of proteins, carbs and all things hearty, our 3-course meal is all desserts. The appetizer is a dessert, entrée is a dessert and the dessert...well that's a dessert too.

#tdc has partnered with some of the best restaurants in the city to showcase their best in confections.

If you're gluten-free, prefer salty desserts or need sugar free, we have those options available at select restaurants.